Last year we proved that there is a market for circular phones with The Cyrcle Phone prototype, which had basic cellphone functionality and came in a variety of fun colors. After finishing the product and meeting with many of our supporters we used your feedback to help shape our next phone iteration – a sleek, fully-functional circular smartphone!

The Cyrcle Phone will have everything you’ve come to expect from your smartphone: front- and rear-facing cameras, a large (circular) LED touchscreen display, 4G LTE network capability, and the full suite of Android apps running on the latest version of the Android OS. On top of that, we’re creating a user interface and other features from the ground up to fully capitalize on our phone’s unique circular design.

We’re ecstatic to be bucking the trend of rectangular phones and hope you will join us on this exciting journey. You can sign up here to receive updates on our product and be the first to know when we launch, and then you too can discover the joy of non-rectangular phones!