About dTOOR

At dTOOR, we build non-rectangular phones for non-rectangular people.

Are you part of our non-rectangular tribe? We like to question the status quo, embrace difference and believe adventures come from taking detours.

We are designing from a fresh perspective, because not everyone wants a grey rectangle in their pocket. Our first product was The Cyrcle Phone protoytpe, which we sold in 2016. It was circular, brightly colored, and proved our theory that there is a non-rectangular market out there.

Currently we are working on a sleeker, 4G, Android OS version of The Cyrcle Phone – our crowning jewel, if you will.

Read about our journey on the dTOOR blog or catch up with us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

The dTOOR Team

Christina Cyr - CEO, CTO, Founder

Christina has a bachelor’s degree in physics and biochemistry, a master’s degree in engineering, and an unrelenting passion for electronics. She has work experience as a software engineer, hardware engineer, and biochemical engineer, and the last team she led was over 150 people.

Wendy Wilson - COO, Founder

Wendy has a diverse background including a degree in Government and Politics followed by 16 years working at Lakeside Industries, managing people, processes, and safety. Wendy entered the tech world as a contractor at Microsoft and is now excited to be part of dTOOR and make "Non-Rectangular Phones for Non-Rectangular People.”

Debbie (Li) Liu - Chief Procurement Officer, Founder

Debbie earned her master’s degree in software engineering at the Beijing Institute of Technology then went into software development at Microsoft.

Maria Alcantara - Social Media Coordinator

Maria has experience in visual merchandising and graphic design for Starbucks, and has since focused on social media outreach for small businesses.

Stacia Pache - Handset Specialist

Stacia has experience founding multiple startups in the telecom industry after working at AT&T for ten years, and is active in the startup community.

Rich Begert - Telecom Veteran

Rich has sold several telecom companies in his career, and even sold mobile phones when they were first installed in cars.

Matt Westervelt - Hardware Advisor

Matt is the owner of Metrix Create:Space, where he advises individuals and startups with hardware design.

Social Purpose Corporation

dTOOR Incorporated was founded as a Social Purpose Corporation (SPC) in Washington State. As a SPC, dTOOR is dedicated towards fair business practices that balances social responsibility with good business. It is our goal to create a profitable company that benefits the customer, the community, and the environment. Some people call this Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): the responsibility of an organization for the impacts of its decisions and activities on society, the environment and its own prosperity, known as the “triple bottom line” of people, planet, and profit.

Here, we call it dTOOR INC, SPC.