How do you pronounce dTOOR?

dTOOR as in detour – the most interesting journeys come from taking detours!

Who is dTOOR?

dTOOR was founded by Christina Cyr and Linda Inagawa – you can read more about them here. There is also a non-official team of people who have helped in various ways, from copy editing to business guidance.

What is your mission?

To create non-rectangular phones for non-rectangular people. Furthermore, we want to make our first phone open source in both hardware and software terms, providing people with the 3D file so they can modify and print their own case.

I have heard you are making a phone for women. Is that true?

We are making a phone for anyone who is unsatisfied with what is currently available. We think there is a market for non-rectangular phones, and we do not limit that to be squarely aimed at females, or for that matter, males. You can read more about how we came to this conclusion here.

You talk about being ‘female-forward’. What does that mean?

To us, that means designing as female engineers (it is the only way we know how!). We do not assume to know what every woman wants, but we have an unusual perspective in an male dominated industry. We believe that the mobile phone industry has become stagnant – we are here to shake things up!

Where can I buy one?

The first dTOOR phone will be the Cyrcle, and this will be launched on Kickstarter in August 2016. It will be a simple circular 2G phone, and will come with the 3D printing file. In 2018, the plan is to launch a more feature-packed, streamlined phone to the general market.

What does SPC mean?

SPC stands for “Social Purpose Corporation” which is similar to a “B-Corporation” in other states in the U.S.A. “SPC” is a legal distinction within Washington State which means that we are a corporation which has a social purpose. dTOOR’s social purpose is to design from a feminine-forward point of view, and encourage the industry to take a fresh look at whether they are meeting everyone’s needs.  

How can I contact dTOOR?

To contact dTOOR, you can email us at: Hi@dTOOR.com or come down to Seattle’s own makerspace, Metrix:CreateSpace, where Christina can regularly be found working or teaching.